Natasha Viosna Moody (she/her) is a British-Polish Artist working in SE London.

Working between the disciplines of installation, painting, sculpture and audio-visual media, her practice is concerned with ideas surrounding ecology, alternative modes of knowledge production and the numinous.

Taking cues from art history, nature writing and the surrounding landscape, my practice is concerned with interrogating our relationship to the more-than-human world, exploring ideas of protection, transformation and the numinous – that which is related to ‘spirit’ but not bound to any institutional religiosity or spirituality. 

By reconsidering the importance of myth, folk-lore and alternative religiosities through a contemporary lens I navigate feelings of disconnect and liminality against the background of the current ecological, political and social climate.
I am interested in the idea of challenging the complex narrative of human exceptionalism at a time when the effect of human activity on the non-human world is ever increasingly apparent. Many of my paintings and installations communicate feelings of transience and nostalgia for a lost sense of connectivity between us and an ‘other’.